Our Services

It gives us great pleasure to offer a broad range of engineering and advisory services.


Services provided by professionals, par-excellence!

Services in planning…


Development of master plans and sector plans from assessments in line with relevant frameworks (informed by Sector Departments). Development of operational plans that are user friendly for implementation. Provision of budget estimates for OPEX and CAPEX.

Working with municipalities…


Planning & Development of Water and Sanitation Solutions. Planning & Development of Roads and Stormwater Solutions. Planning & Development of Bridges, Structural and Dams Solutions.

  • Contract administration
    – municipality infrastructure projects
  • Quality planning, assurance and control
    – Indoor Sports facilities, stadia, water & waste plants, reservoirs, pipelines, etc
  • Project Planning
    – duration & budget
  • Managing Grant Funded Projects
    – Municipal Infrastructure Grant (MIG)

    – Water and Sanitation Infrastructure grant (WSIG)

    – Regional Bulk Infrastructure Grant (RBIG)

  • Budget & Planning Alignment
    – allocated to the prioritized projects on the Municipality Integrated Development Plan

PMU Management

We have successfully run a number of Project Management Units for municipalities. We still run these today!

Engineering Services

We provide a range of engineering services from roads, structural, bridges, dams, water & sewer, agricultural and civil engineering.

  • Stakeholder Integration
    – Integrating project stakeholders with project teams
  • MPIP Management
    – Managing the Municipality Project Implementation Plan
  • Engineering Project Management
    – Management of Consultants & Contractors
  • Site Management
    – Site monitoring and supervision of all the infrastructure projects
  • Project Reporting & Documentation
    – As project lead, we ensure that all reporting and documentation requirements are met.
  • Turnkey Solutions

    – Turnkey solutions in Agricultural and Agro-processing Infrastructure Development projects

  • Green Technologies

    – Environmental Management Solutions

  • Agri-business

    – Agricultural Production Management and Support

  • Mechanisation Services

    – Mechanisation Cooperatives Support

  • SMME Development

    – Incubation and Enterprise Development Program

Agricultural Planning & Development

We run a comprehensive range of agricultural support programmes from infrastructure development, mechanisation, input support, training and mentorship and SMME support programmes!